About the Indian Trading League®

The Indian Trading League is India’s Biggest Stock & Commodity Trading Competition where India’s Best traders & Investors compete with the singular aim of generating maximum percentage returns for the Title of Becoming India’s Best Trader & Investor & attaining national prominence.

There are also various rewards on offer to EVERY participant in order to encourage better trading & investing practises.

The ITL® is the first and only platform with real money and real participants. All participants will be required to open their accounts with the Execution Broker SAMCO Securities and SAMCO Commodities and trade in the real markets and generate real returns with real money.

Indian Trading League® is not a virtual market game

The Indian Trading League® is for EVERYONE!

Any market participant can participate in the Indian Trading League®. Anyone who has or wishes to trade in the stock or commodities market can participate in the ITL®.

The ITL is designed for all types of market participants

  • Traders – Intraday, Positional and System Traders
  • Investors – Short term and Long term Investors
  • Commodity Traders

In order to participate in the Indian Trading League® all you need to do is sign up on the ITL platform and open an account with our associated Execution Broker SAMCO. SAMCO will offer a standardized discount broking platform to all participants by offering flat fee trading at Rs. 20/executed order. You don’t need to do anything special in order to participate and win. Simply execute your current trades on the ITL® platform and start competing with traders and investors across the country.

The League will run across the Financial Year i.e. from 1st May, 201631st March, 2017 and in different time periods.

The periods under evaluation will be as follows

Annual League 1st May, 201631st March, 2017
Quarterly League 3 Quarters between 1st July 2016 – 31st March 2017 i.e. from 1st July 2016 to 30th September 2016 & so on & so forth.
Monthly League Each Month between 1st May 2016 to 31st March 2017
Weekly League Every Week from Monday to Friday
Daily League All trading Days1

Note - The Daily League will run only on days that both the Equities & Commodities segments are open.

The Indian Trading LeagueTM is going to be an annual competition which will be conducted year on year and will coincide with the Indian financial year – 1st May 2016 – 31st March 2017. To know detailed schedule click here

The league is going to be conducted on the ITL’s online platform in association with the Execution broker SAMCO Securities Limited. You can see the leagues leader boards on www.indiantradingleague.com and also login to your Back office account and view your ranking and performace across leagues.

The Indian Trading League® has been created with a simple thought – To bring together market participants across the country with a spirit of healthy competition. The idea is to drive market players to adopt a competitive approach to their trading and investing & aim at generating the highest possible net return. Each participant will be able to rank and compare their performance to the others in the market and strive harder to do better. The competition aims to identify and motivate excellent traders and investors across the country and bring them forward by rewarding them with several prizes, money management opportunities and a lot more.

There are no entrance fees to participate in Indian Trading League®, however in order to join the League, a trading & Demat account would be required to be opened with the execution broker – SAMCO. The regular account opening charges will be applicable. You can check the account opening fees in the Sign UP FAQ’s on the SAMCO Website.

Participating in the Indian Trading League® is simple and can be done by following a few simple steps

  • Sign Up – Agree to the Terms and Conditions & Open an account with the Execution Broker
  • Introduce Capital – Introduce the minimum capital required to your trading account with the Execution broker
  • Trading – Start trading on leading exchanges in India - NSE, BSE and MCX
  • Trade and WIN! - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually

How to Participate in the League

  • 1


    Complete your online registration and download your account opening forms

  • 2


    Print and Post your forms to our Office Address

  • 3


    Begin Trading and Investing on India’s Leading Exchanges - NSE, BSE and MCX

  • Win

    Participate in the ITL and Win Prizes Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually

Formats of the League

There are 6 formats of the ITL:

  • Royale League
  • Traders League
  • Investors League
  • Womens League
  • Students League
  • Commodities League

The formats of the league have been designed to suit all different types of market participants

Traders League Traders and Investors both Equities, Derivatives, Currency Derivatives and Interest Rate Futures.
Investors League Investors Equities
Commodity Traders League Commodity Traders Commodity Derivatives
Women’s League All women participants in the Traders League auto-qualify for the women’s league as well. Equities, Derivatives, Currency Derivatives and Interest Rate Futures.
Royale League Traders & Investors both Equities, Derivatives, Currency Derivatives and Interest Rate Futures.
Students League Traders & Investors Both Equities, Derivatives, Currency Derivatives and Interest Rate Futures.

For complete details on the formats of the league, you can visit the Leagues section of our website.

A participant can at any point of time be a part of the Master Traders and/or Commodity Traders League by opening 2 accounts with the execution brokers - SAMCO Securities Limited and SAMCO Commodities Limited.

Participation in the Investors league is restricted to Participants who make positional trades in the Equity Cash Segment, Intraday Trading IS NOT PERMITTED for participants in the Investors League.

All women participants in the Traders League also automatically form a part of the Women’s league.

SAMCO Securities offer equity segment trading platform through NSE/BSE. SAMCO Commodities offer commodities derivatives trading platform through MCX and NCDEX. As per the legal requirement both entities, have to be separate, hence the need to open two separate accounts arises.

Yes, Women league is a specially carved out category to give women an opportunity to compete between themselves in addition to competing with everyone in the Traders League.

Yes, every investor by default also forms a part of the Traders league however the same is not applicable vice versa. Participants in the trader’s league who trade in F&O and Currency Derivative segments are not eligible in the Investors League.

All participants who trade in the Intraday products of the execution broker i.e. MIS, BO and CO will be automatically disqualified from the Investor’s League. They will however continue to be a part of the Trader’s league.

Rules, Termination and Disqualification

In order to begin participation in the league, the minimum requirement is beginning capital of Rs. 25,000/-. Unless Rs. 25,000 of capital is not introduced into your account, your participation in the league shall not begin.

This is not a deposit that needs to be permanently maintained. It can be withdrawn at any point of time.

The client can bring in capital by way of funds transfer or by way of shares or securities transferred to the Demat account opened with SAMCO Securities Limited.

It is recommended that you open a Demat account with the execution broker SAMCO Securities even though it is not compulsory. The reason for the same is in case you buy stocks and transfer them to your own Demat account; the shares cease to be a part of the SAMCO ecosystem, and hence would not be taken into consideration for the purpose of return determination. In order to avoid this, it is advisable to open a Demat Account with the execution broker.

Participation is automatic and no selection is required. The leagues run simultaneously on a continuous basis.

In order to maintain the harmony and integrity of the markets, the League will from time to time publish a list of negative stocks which are susceptible to manipulation or irregularities. Any transactions in stocks from this particular list shall result in automatic disqualification from the league.

The list of stocks for disqualification is available here.

In order to maintain a level playing field and accommodate different types of traders and investors to participate in the league, separate formats have been carved out which describe the permissible segments in each format of the league

Format of the League Equities (Intraday) - Equities Equity Derivatives Currency Derivatives Commodity Derivatives
Royale League1
Traders League
Investors League2
Womens League
Students League3
Commodities League
Note 1 - There has to be an initial capital contribution of Rs.5,00,000 by way of Cash, Shares or a combination thereof to be eligible for the Royale League.
Note 2 - An investor is allowed only to trade in the Equities segment. As such Intraday Trading in the equities segment will lead to disqualification from the Investors league. Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) Trades are allowed. Intraday trades made in the product type MIS, CO or BO on the SAMCO Trading platform will result in automatic disqualification from the Investors League.
Note 3 - All participants with Date of Birth after 30-04-1989 are eligible for the Student’s League.

This is done to ensure a level playing field to the extent that a commodity trader is not competing with an equity trader and an unleveraged investor is not competing directly with an investor.

The participant can withdraw from the league any time however the participant can still remain a client with the execution broker and buy/sell shares routinely or completely withdraw funds and shares with the execution broker without any restrictions.

All participants who trade in the Intraday products of the execution broker i.e. MIS, BO and CO will be automatically disqualified from the Investor’s League. They will however continue to be a part of the Trader’s league.

The League has the right to remove or bar any participant, who, in its sole judgment, would tend to dishonor the League, and has violated any rule, law, or regulation pertaining to trading or who has attempted to benefit from any fraudulent, manipulative, unfair, and collusive or other trading irregularity or engages in the acts of artificially increasing the price of scrip, mislead investors or violates the fundamental tenets of market integrity or whether alone or in connivance with others including promoters of the listed companies, engage in circular or insider trading or artificially rig the prices to his/her beneficial advantage. Once disqualified on the grounds of malpractice, the participant shall not be permitted to re-enter the league.

Determination of Winners

The winners will be determined on the basis highest percentage net returns. All positions at the end of each evaluation period shall be marked to market. For the calculation of percentage net returns, the net profit for the period shall be divided by the total capital deposited for the period (re-deposits to the extent of withdrawals in the same period shall be excluded.) Only participants with net positive return qualify for prizes.

The results shall be published once audited by a third party independent auditor.

Both can compete on merits and win, irrespective of size of capital. The methodology is on percentage basis hence irrespective of size of capital, participant generating highest percentage return on capital shall be the winner.

Capital for the purposes of ITL return determination shall be adjusted for any withdrawals and deposits as explained in the example below.

The Capital would comprise of initial deposit plus incremental deposits, considered over and above withdrawals. For example If a client starts with an initial deposit of Rs. 100,000, makes an incremental deposit of Rs. 20,000 withdraws Rs. 10,000 and again deposits Rs. 25,000. Thus his net funds employed for the purpose of return calculation would be as Rs. 1,35,000/- calculated as follows

Particulars Amount in Rs.
Initial Deposit 1,00,000
Add Incremental Deposit 20,000
Total Deposits 1,20,000
Ignore Withdrawals of Rs. 10,000 -
Add Incremental Deposit (Rs. 25,000 Less withdrawal adjustment of Rs. 10,000) 15,000
Net Funds Employed 1,35,000

There is absolutely no disadvantage for the late comer. To ensure level playing field the winners are determined on absolute percentage winner basis, wherein time, as an input factor is not considered. For example a participant joining at the beginning has generated 50% as on 31st March the league closing period and another participant joining during the last quarter generates 60% at the closing period, the highest winner i.e. 60% would be adjudged winner of the league.

Participants can login into their account and check their performance from the Dashboard. The daily leader board for each league shall be updated on the website www.indiantradingleague.com Participants can view the top performers on the website and match their own performance with the league leaders.

Prizes and Awards

Winners of the Indian Trading League ® can win prizes of over Rs. 1.5 Crores across the 6 different formats. Prizes will be awarded Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.

Winner of the Annual Royale League gets a contract to become a Fund Manager with 1 Million Dollars in Initial Corpus

A detailed list of the prizes of the Indian Trading League ® can be checked on the Prizes section of the website.

The returns are calculated on the closing prices of all the open positions and all positions at the end of each evaluation period shall be marked to market. There is no need to sell or liquidate or square off the position at the end of each evaluation period.

The previous day closing prices would be used to calculate the percentages.

The prizes shall be subject to deductions as per Income Tax Act 1961

It will credited net of taxes to the participant’s bank account. However, winners of the annual league will get awarded at an exclusive award ceremony at the end of the financial year and league period.

Winner of the Annual Royale League gets a contract to become a Fund Manager with 1 Million Dollars in Initial Corpus. The contract shall include the remuneration for the fund manager and also detail the other terms and conditions and the risk management practices to be followed.

Execution Broker – SAMCO

The ITL platform in order to standardize, give equal opportunity to all and to manage and monitor effectively has tied up with execution broker SAMCO, as one centralized broking platform, wherein every one shall have equal opportunity to execute at flat brokerage cost.

The brokerage across all segments shall be flat Rs. 20/- per executed order or 0.02% for derivatives or Intra-day or 0.2% for delivery of shares whichever is Lower. A detailed pricing for the same can be found on the pricing page of the SAMCO Website.

These charges are for executing trades on their online platform i.e. SAMCO Trader (EXE Version) or SAMCO Web 5 (Web Version) or SAMCO mobile app. However if the participant is not able to execute the trade online SAMCO also provides Call and Trade facility which may be charged for in addition to the Brokerage in accordance to Terms and Conditions of the Broker.

SAMCO provides standardized margin rules and policies for all clients. A detailed list of all the margin policies of SAMCO can be found on their website blog.

Security and Trust

SAMCO has been in the business of stock broking since 1993. Formerly, it was known as Samruddhi Stock Brokers Ltd but now it has been rebranded as SAMCO.

The top management team consists of professionals having decades of experience in the Capital Markets. They are comprised of several Chartered Accounts, MBA’s, and Chartered Financial Analysts. You can check out the SAMCO team on the SAMCO Website.

The online payment gateway portals are secure and encrypted to avoid any leakage or hacking of data. The technology platforms are very robust and secure.

We take your privacy very seriously and have tight controls in place to restrict access to your personal information. We will not use any of your information or distribute to third party marketers or vendors. Your personal information is fully secure with us at all times.

The execution broker SAMCO is a SEBI registered broker and all client funds and securities are maintained in segregated accounts. You can check your assets at any point of time by logging into your account with the execution broker.

Resources, Support, Tips and Advice

SAMCO is an online stock broker, which enable clients to execute buy/sell trades by themselves through internet or mobile. No tips will be provided to any individual; however excellent research on majority of shares listed is available to every client in their account login with. SAMCO team provides intelligent decision making tools which empowers the participants to take smart decisions.

SAMCO provides excellent tools to help a market participant make better informed decisions in the market. The tools include -

  • SAMCO Stock Rating – A Grade for every Stock - A tool that rates stocks and businesses on key business parameters and matrices and grades every stock rating from “AAA” to “Penny Stock”.
  • SAMCO Data Bank - The Data Bank is a single sheet snapshot of the entire fundamental position of a company. It is user friendly and immensely helps in taking quick and reliable decisions, along with readily computed most relevant and smart decision making ratios for our customers to keep them at par and give them a level playing field with institutional investors in terms of data availability and interpretation thereof.
  • SAMCO Pledge Monitor - SAMCO Pledge monitor helps you identify and track what is the extent of Promoter pledged holdings, the overall pledge as a percentage of their own holding and as a percentage of the entire company’s outstanding equity. It also tags the risk to a stock due to the level of indebtedness of the promoter.

When you open a SAMCO account, you automatically become a SAMCO referral associate. This status gives you an opportunity to refer fellow friends, family and traders and setup a life time income stream. This program helps you earn money even when you're not trading in the markets. You can earn 10% of your referred client’s earnings and you can track your earnings in the SAMCO STAR and request a withdrawal for the same which will get automatically credited to your bank account.