1. What are ITL Medals & why are they introduced?

As India’s Biggest Competitive Stock Market platform, at the ITL we understand that trading & investing are journeys. Aspiring traders & investors DO NOT get proper guidance or make costly mistakes that can cut their careers short. We have studied the techniques & strategies of good traders & simplified them into step wise objectives that can be achieved with proper focus. As such obtaining these medals will refine your strategy & ensure that ITL Participants pass through the steep learning curve quickly without making many mistakes or suffering in large losses.

2. How are the prizes distributed?

We will reverse the brokerage charges and/or CashPlus subscription fees to your ledger account. You need to login to your SAMCO Star Back Office & Redeem  the Prizes from the Medals Section.

3. How is the Leaderboard calculated?

The Leaderboard takes a count of all the medals achieved by the participant. There are NO weighted calculations. Every medal achieved is counted once.

4. Why are some medals considered only a limited number of times while considering my ITL Level?

Medals are aimed at helping participants learn new & valuable skills. Hence if a medal is earned multiple times, the participant has become proficient & does not need to learn the skill anymore.

5. I am unable to redeem a prize, why?

You will be unable to redeem prizes as long as you are not profitable in the Annual League. You will continue to accrue medals & qualify for the next level’s, but the rewards can be claimed only if you are profitable on the annual Leaderboard. You can claim prizes only after you qualify for either the Annual Traders or Commodities League.

6. I trade in both segments, Commodities & Equities, how will I be given the brokerage refund?

The brokerage will first be reversed for the Commodities Segment and then the Equities Segment. The caps are applicable as mentioned on the Rewards Page.

7. Are the medals also available for the Commodities Segment?

Yes, Medals are awarded for performance in both, the Equities & Commodities Segment. However some medals WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE if the participant takes part only in the Commodities League, They are:

Bronze Medal Silver Medal Gold Medal
Weekly Alpha Monthly Alpha Theta Eater
Having Options The Disciplined Investor  
Index Traders Smart Diversifier  
A-Lister Quarterly A-Lister Annual  
  Hedge your Bets  
  Covered That  
  I Am Protected  

Similarly, participants will also not be penalised with some Yellow & Red Cards if they trade exclusively in the Commodities League. They are:

Yellow Cards Red Cards
Too Many Eggs STT  Got Me
Excessive Concentration XC Category
Sectoral Bull  

8. I have made 45 Trades in the Equities Segment & 55 Trades in the Commodities Segment, will I be eligible for the Amateur Trader medal?

Yes, the system will take the sum of orders made by you in ALL the segments, whether they be in the Equities Segment or the Commodities Segment. The same system is applicable for the Professional Trader & Legendary Trader medals.

9. I am profitable in the Non-Commodity Leagues but unprofitable in the Commodity Leagues (or vice-versa), will I be eligible for the rewards?

You will be eligible for the rewards only if your profitable in the segment where your funds deposited is higher. So in case you funds deposited in the Equities Segment is Rs. 1,00,000 and your funds deposited in the Commodities Segment is Rs. 10,000, to be actually eligible for the reward you need to be profitable in the Equities Segment to be eligible for the rewards.

In case the funds deposited is equal in both the segments, then you shall be required to be profitable in both the segments to be eligible for the rewards.

10. Which medals can I earn multiple times & which medals can I earn only once?

The Following Medals can be earned once by the participants:

Bronze Medal Silver Medal Gold Medal
Smart Saver 10 Stocks in Portfolio Decipher the BS
First Trade Badge! Philanthropist Legendary Trader
Derivative Starter! Bear Grip First Class Trader
Socialite Read the BS  
Big Bull Trader CashPlus'd  
Brokerage Saver A Lister - Annual  
Active Trader Profit Pyramider  
Option Trader Hedge your Bets  
Bracketed Covered That  
T20 Cap I am Protected  
Index trader Dream Day  
My First Profitable Trade    
All In    
Basics of Technical Analysis    
Jack of All Trades    
Smart Saver    
Amateur Trader    

The following medals can be earned multiple times by the participants:

Bronze Medal Silver Medal Gold Medal
Weekly Alpha Monthly Alpha 10 on 10!
Consistent Capital Saver Investor - Monthly 60% Accuracy - Month Double or Nothing
60% Accuracy - Week Profit Runner - 50% Theta Eater
Time in the Market Badge Capital Conserver - Month The Best Weeks of My Life
Profit Runner - 20% A Month in the Markets A Year in the Markets
Capital Conserver - Week On the Leaderboard Wild Turner
Good SIP'er   TV STAR
Bottom Fisher   Top Trader
Top Seller   Ace of All Trades

The following Yellow Cards will be withdrawn once you rectify your errors:

  • Too Many Eggs
  • Excessive Concentration
  • Sectoral Bull

The Red Card: The Dead Sea will be withdrawn once you Make a trade.