The ITL Medals Reward Program

The Rewards

Becoming a trader is journey, and we have split your achievements into 5 different levels. They are:

  • Beginner

    How to get: Attain this level by earning 5 Bronze, 3 Silver and 1 Gold Medal

    Reward: Free Trading for 1 Day

  • Rookie

    How to get: Attain this level by earning 10 Bronze, 5 Silver and 2 Gold Medals

    Reward: Free CashPlus Subscription for 1 Year

  • Expert

    How to get: Attain this level by earning 20 Bronze, 10 Silver and 5 Gold Medals.

    Reward: Free Trading for 2 Weeks

  • Veteran

    How to get: Attain this level by earning 50 Bronze, 20 Silver and 10 Gold Medals

    Reward: Free Trading for 1 Month

  • Master

    How to get: Attain this level by earning 100 Bronze, 50 Silver and 25 Gold Medals

    Reward: Free Trading for the Full Year


There are some cardinal rules that one MUST follow while trading & investing. In case you break one of these rules you will be penalised as below:

Penalty: Loss of 1 Bronze, 1 Silver & 1Gold medal.

Penalty: Loss of 3 Bronze, 2 Silver & 1 Gold Medal


The Program Rules

The Rewards

Free trading will be rewarded to the winners by way of brokerage cash-back of the immediately preceding period. For instance, if you have achieved Level 3 on 13th June, 2016, then brokerage for 2 weeks shall be credited to your account from 30th May, 2016 to 12th June, 2016.

If you have already subscribed to CashPlus, the subscription fees already paid shall be credited back to your ledger.

The Brokerage refunds shall be capped at a maximum amount for different levels as follows - Level 1 - Rs. 500, Level 3 - Rs. 2,000, Level 4 - Rs. 10,000 and Level 5 - Rs. 50,000. Only brokerage shall be refunded. All other transaction related charges shall continue to be applicable.

Brokerage for overlapping periods shall be given only once and not multiple times.

You shall be eligible for rewards of the medals program only if you are profitable in the annual league table. In case you are on Level 3, but your annual return is negative, you shall not be able to redeem your reward unless you turn profitable and your return exceeds > 0%.

Max Capping of Medals

In order to determine your level, a maximum capping shall be applicable for a few medals.

The following medals shall be capped to a maximum of 3 times while determining your performance Level - 5 week profitable streak, ITL winner, Theta Eater, Top 50 ITL Ranks, Profit Runner - 100%, Profit Runner - 50%, Profit Runner - 20% and 10 Profitable Trade. The TV Star medal shall be capped and rewarded only 1 time.